Dr. Yung is by far one of the best doctors I have ever had. I am so fortunate to have found her after switching from another OB/GYN during my first pregnancy. As a woman, it can be daunting to try and find an OB that you trust and are comfortable with, and I am lucky that I have found that in Dr. Yung. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about her field, she has an excellent bedside manner with her patients. My first pregnancy was very challenging as my son was diagnosed with severe kidney swelling during the pregnancy, and I was struggling with gestational diabetes. It was a very trying time for me, and Dr. Yung helped me by giving me the facts, taking the time to answer any questions I had (and I had a LOT), and being available to me whenever I needed her. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through that pregnancy without her support and care.

I appreciate Dr. Yung’s “give it to you straight” approach while also showing that she genuinely cares for you. She makes sure that you are armed with the facts, so that you know what you can do to reach optimal health. She is thorough and takes the time to make sure you understand what is going on. She is truly a great partner to have in terms of your overall health. Anytime I’ve called in with a question or concern, she has been prompt about calling me back. She is now with me during my second pregnancy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
– Stephanie A.

Dr. Alice Yung is an outstanding OB/GYN doctor. She is professional, intelligent, personable and compassionate. She genuinely cares about her patients and does all she can to help them achieve lasting health and wellness. She is especially good at diagnosing and treating any gynecological problems you may have. She identified and effectively treated a serious health problem I faced which would have progressed to endometrial cancer if left untreated. Thanks to Dr. Yung’s help, I have been healthy and pain-free ever since. I now go to Dr. Yung for my annual exams and I continue to feel great.

Dr. Yung’s staff is excellent as well. I have found them friendly, patient and good with follow-up. Even though Dr. Yung has a busy practice, it has always been easy for me to make an appointment and be seen right away. Dr. Yung and her staff make going to the OB/GYN a very pleasant, beneficial and stress-free experience!
– Donna B.

I’ve been under Dr. Yung’s care for over two years and I don’t remember ever having a doctor that I trusted more or who I’ve enjoyed visiting as much. The idea of visiting a doctor’s office is never pleasant, but Dr. Yung has always made me feel at ease. She’s always cared for me with warmth, genuine compassion and kindness. She oversaw my pregnancy, explaining well what to expect every step of the way. Never did I worry about my baby’s well being as well as my own. Even when things got complicated at the end, I knew I was in caring, talented hands. On the day of delivery, I was surprised at how light Dr. Yung kept the mood of the room. She even had me laughing. I took comfort in her encouragement and guidance. My husband and I are excited for the next pregnancy and Dr. Yung will definitely be my #1 doctor of choice again. I would certainly recommend Dr. Alice Yung to anyone looking for a great OBGYN.
-Gina M.

Dr. Yung has been both my OB and Gyno for several years. Luck was on my side when I came across her web-site because she is the best doctor I have ever had. She cares about her patients as a whole person. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and makes sure you understand everything that is going on. Dr. Yung has a quality that you rarely find in doctors anymore. She works with both her head and her heart. She is a treasure.
– Kelly G.

When my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first child, finding a doctor with the capacity to not only provide us with all the necessary information about the process but also to ease the plethora of fears often accompanying this exciting time, was of utmost importance to us. From our very first visit DR. Yung managed to do just that.

Dr. Yung’s superb professionalism, knowledge and compassion proved an instant relief from our anxieties. We knew we had found a doctor who we could trust with our pregnancy and the delivery of our precious cargo. As first time parents our many questions and concerns were always answered and met with great understanding.

I was swiftly put on a healthy pregnancy diet, given information on any necessary tests and exams and began the discussion of labor and delivery preferences as well as pregnancy, labor and delivery education in general. No stone was left unturned.

One could argue that an interest in the health of both mother and baby is a simple prerequisite of any OBGYN, but the genuinely empathetic ways in which Dr. Yung exercises this oath is without question a rarity.

After the birth of our child Dr. Yung with her office followed up regularly on the health of both the baby and myself. We simply couldn’t ask for more from a doctor. We will, though, as we’re expecting twins! We couldn’t imagine putting our trust in the hands of any other doctor.
– Camille & Jakob Jensen

I was referred to Dr. Yung three years ago and I’m very happy to be her patient. What I appreciate most about Dr. Yung is her commitment to my well-being. With other OB/GYNs I’ve felt like just another file. Not so with Dr. Yung. She is thorough and caring. I’d struggled with recurrent infections and was so grateful that Dr. Yung suggested alternatives to help me, something no other doctor has ever done. We are collaborative partners in my care, a refreshing and wonderful change from my past experience!
– Donna D.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

In April, 2010, my husband, one year old daughter and I moved from Chicago to Pasadena. At the time, I was pregnant and in my first trimester with our second child. I wanted to make sure I found a doctor who was not only available, but caring and willing to tend to my questions and concerns. Our first daughter was born 7 weeks premature and we wanted to make sure that we could prevent that happening again with our second child. I looked online and after days of searching, found Dr. Alice Yung.

At my first appointment, I met the staff and they were AWESOME! I told them my name and they greeted me as if they had always known me. It was a relief to come into this office and speak with these women who immediately put my mind at ease.

When I met Dr. Yung, we talked – It was a conversation. She wasn’t just throwing out questions without looking at me. She listened to me and helped me make the best decisions for my health as well as that of my unborn child. We laughed and took any potential discomfort away. It honestly didn’t feel like a doctor’s appointment. What a relief!

I saw Dr. Yung and staff on my scheduled visits and each visit was the same: I walk to the door, they look up, smile and say “Hi Courtney, how are you?” Phone calls were the same. As busy as this office is, they always knew it was me. I never had to say, “Hi Lisa/Nancy, it’s Courtney.” They were always accommodating of my young, inquisitive, sometimes crabby daughter and I never felt like we were in the way – big belly, strollers, and all.

Even while she was very pregnant, Dr. Yung was there every step of the way. When I went into labor, she relieved my anxiety. I was laughing and talking through the delivery. She was the first person to see and hold my daughter, Brielle. She’s part of our story. A great part.

Anyone who is looking for an obstetrician-gynecologist should look no further. Whether you live near or far, make the best decision for your own well-being. Choose someone who is knowledgeable, professional, and kind. Dr. Yung and staff will be there for you. At the end of the day, isn’t that what you want?
– Courtney B.

Dr. Yung is truly an Angel sent to me to perform a miracle. After enduring excruciating menstrual pain for approximately one year I found myself at Dr. Yung’s office. I was very weak and tired all the time, and after performing an exam and blood test Dr. Yung informed me that I had lost a significant amount of blood and had numerous fibroids that needed to be removed by surgery. I was initially devastated, as I still wanted to have children and had never had surgery before. Dr. Yung assured me that I would still be able to have children and explained in detail, what fibroids are, and every step as to what a myomectomy entails. I had an extremely low blood count and Dr. Yung followed up weekly to make sure my anemia did not become worse. Those follow ups led to Dr. Yung requesting I have immediate surgery after my blood count became lower. I felt comfortable and assured when I saw Dr. Yung’s face right before and right after surgery. After surgery Dr. Yung was consistent in monitoring me every single day in the hospital, making sure the nurses were taking extremely good care of her patient. My life has changed significantly since having my surgery, I am no longer in pain, my blood count is normal and although I saw 2 doctors before Dr. Yung for the same issue, she was the only one that diagnosed me correctly and solved the problem. Thank you so much Dr. Yung from the bottom of my heart.
– JC

As a patient of Dr. Yung’s, I can honestly say that she provides the absolute best care that not every woman can find in an OB/Gyn. Not only do I trust her with my health, I truly appreciate the wonderful advice she has provided me throughout the years that I have been her patient. She has always listened to my concerns non-judgementally. She takes her time and always makes sure your mind is at ease. I am so fortunate to have found her! Thank you Dr. Yung!
– Maritza E.

Dr. Yung is bright, caring, thorough and overall a wonderful OBGYN. As a female, it’s a challenge finding an OB that you feel comfortable with and trust, so I feel very lucky that I found Dr. Yung. Dr. Yung was my OBGYN through both of my pregnancies, and continues to be my doctor. She is very knowledgeable in her field and most importantly she is personable and has a great bedside manner. She is always prompt in calling you back even on the weekends. With my daughter, I had a cold with a slight fever during my pregnancy so I left Dr. Yung a voice message to see if there was any medication I can take for my cough. Dr. Yung returned my call, sounded concerned and let me know what medication I can take and what I should do. She even followed up by calling me later that night (it was a Saturday) to see how I was doing. With my daughter I was on bed rest because she wasn’t growing as much as they hoped and I was in her office twice a week for a non-stress test. During that time, I found that she genuinely cared for me and my baby. She lets you know all the facts and takes her time explaining things to you without making you feel stupid. With my second pregnancy, I had no complications but still felt the same amount of attention and care. I really can’t imagine having gone through the intimacies of being pregnant and giving birth to a child with any other doctor.
– SO

Dr. Yung has been my doctor for the past 4 years. I started seeing her when I was pregnant with my first child. I had a very difficult pregnancy and delivery. My baby was born prematurely due to severe preeclampsia. If it wasn’t for Dr. Yung’s knowledge, experience, and sincere care, the baby and I wouldn’t be here today. I felt absolutely secure under her care. She always found effective solutions to ensure our safety.
Dr. Yung also took remarkably good care of me during my second pregnancy. She went above and beyond to ensure our good health. I would never go to a different doctor. There are just not many like Dr. Yung. She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, caring, understanding, and funny. She is super thorough, returns calls promply, and has great bedside manners. I could really go on and on. She is simply wonderful! Her two assistants are the best as well. They are very helpful, cordial, and are quick and effective in getting things done.
– Flor M.

Dr. Alice Yung is truly one of the best doctor’s in Pasadena. My family and I could not be more thrilled with the level of care she provided to not only myself but also my son during and after the pregnancy. Her level of professionalism is exceptional and as a new mother she gave me the resources and advice to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. We came to see Dr. Yung after we had a bad experience with another doctor in the area and we could immediately see the vast difference in service between the two. We never had to wait more than 10 minutes to see Dr. Yung and once we were in to see her, she took her time to explain the process to us and make sure we had everything we needed. We even had a scare during the pregnancy and she was easily available and made sure to check up on us afterwards to make sure our son was safe. I would recommend Dr. Yung to all of my family and friends as I felt like I was truly in the best hands. I cannot say enough about the level of care, guidance and patience she showed us and for that we are eternally grateful. Dr. Yung also has an exceptional staff who were immediately very friendly and always helped us when needed. Thank you Dr. Yung for all that you do. I am a lifelong loyal patient now.
– Vanessa V.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Yung and her staff! She is very caring and professional; an excellent listener and offers a skillful blend of medical expertise, compassion and attention that is remarkable. Bottom line, Dr. Yung always has your best interest in mind. I had a very difficult pregnancy and she provided the most exceptional prenatal care I could imagine. I was literally in her office every two weeks for the duration of my pregnancy and Dr. Yung and her staff exercised absolute patience and understanding, given my condition. Even after the delivery, Dr. Yung was consistently checking-in on me at the hospital every day until I was discharged. I totally appreciated her concern and follow-through. It’s pretty rare these days to find a doctor that will provide this type of care for their patients. For that, I feel truly blessed to have Dr. Yung as my OB/GYN and VERY thankful for her help and guidance in bringing my healthy baby girl into this world.
– Roselle

Lourdes B.
I have been with Dr. Yung for 8 years. She relates well to people and takes time to listen and takes appropriate action on the symptoms. Office staff is great too, friendly and professional.

Deanna N.
Great OBGYN!

Glenda O.
Very friendly and professional

Jackie L.
Felt so comfortable and really enjoyed her bedside manner. So happy that she is my new dr.

Josephine P.
Easy and practical way to have a doctors visit during these times.

Xia H.
Dr. Yung is very nice and professional.

Catherine S.
Dr. Yung was thorough, quick, and gentle in her examination, and she patiently addressed all my questions. I’m thankful to have found such a capable OB/GYN and caring, considerate individual.

Alissa C.
Dr. Yung took care of me throughout my pregnancy with such compassion, kindness and thoroughness.. nothing was missed and I know I was in great hands.

Natasha J.
Very accommodating

Susan B.
Dr. Yung is an extremely through and attentive physician. I feel confident that I am getting excellent care with her practice. Her office staff is diligent scheduling annual and follow up appointments.

Cecilia D.
Great customer service

Xiaoai J.

Rosie Z.
She was very patient with me and my issues and very informative. I’m only sorry that I didn’t know about her soon. I hope she continues to be my GYN.

Kari V.
Dr Yung was tireless in trying to figure out what was causing my issues. She is kind and caring. And I am all better!

Kate H.
I have been a patient of Dr Yung’s for 8 years. She is extremely thorough and has always provided me with the best care.

Linda T.
Dr. Yung is the best gynocologist I have ever seen. She is kind, patient and knowledgeable.

Catherine F.
She’s a good doctor. Friendly, very knowledgeable. She listens well.

Cindy F.
Dr. Yung was nice, professional, and made me feel like I was actually being listened to. Her staff was also very friendly and helped me out with getting an appointment. A very positive experience!

Jennifer M.
I was quickly attended and Dr. Yung seemed to actually care about my concerns.

Excellent! I arrived in a wrong time, but the assistant helped to fit me in. Alice is a very professional OB. I delivered my 1st baby in 2019, very successful.

Claudia J.
Dr. Yung, was super sweet and made me feel very comfortable. She took the time to listen to what I had to say and my concerns, and is addressing those concerns. The only thing that I was a little disappointed with was the wait time. My appointment was at 11:00 I arrived a few minutes before and was not seen till a little pass 11:30am Over all I had a great first time experience, the front office staff was great, Stephanie super sweet and helpful. I think I have finally found my Doctor!!!!

Poulett C.
She makes you feel comfortable,she answers all of your questions. She takes her time with her patients. I appreciate her and her staff.

Catherine G.
Awesome Doctor

Kohar K.
The doctor is very thorough which is very much appreciated.

Mallory A.
Dr. Yung is professional and has excellent bedside manner. She addresses my concerns and provides me with great information regarding the pregnancy process. I feel safe and taken care of as a soon to be mom!

Xiaoxun G.
Dr Yung is always very professional and thoughtful.

Demetra G.
First time in her office and she was great!!

Tamara P.
Always good experience with Dr. Yung.

Noelle S.
Dr. Yung is so kind and understanding of what it is like to be a mom, before and after birth.

Vanessa Q.
Excellent care. Dr. Yung is very thorough and cares for my overall health. Not just her specialty. Highly recommend.

Zheng F.
Everything is good

Jurate G.
My favorite doctor! Dr. Yung is professional and detail oriented. I could not wish for a better doctor.

Heather C.
I went to Dr. Yung for a second opinion and thank goodness I did. She was thoughtful, thorough, and took the time to answer all my questions. Great doctor!

Kellie G.
Dr. Yung was very caring and thorough during my first visit with her. I am glad to have found her! Would highly recommend

Marilyn G.
Wonderful caring physician who was thorough and sincere about providing the best care possible. I highly recommend her excellent bedside manner.

Chaoxia P.

Jing L.
I have been seeing Dr Yung for years. She is a great doctor that cares about your feeling and she is very careful with all the health issues.

Lynnanne H.
Good experience

Linda T.
Dr. Yung is always willing to listen and to respond appropriately. She is the best ob/gyn doctor I have ever had.

Maria S.
I appreciate that Dr. Yung always spends time at the beginning of my appointment going over my chart with me and discussing any past and current concerns She always checks in with me about my visits with my GP to make sure that nothing is being missed. I appreciate her thoroughness and attention to detail She makes sure that I understand everything we discuss and addresses questions and concerns frankly, but with care. Her office staff has been extremely helpful and friendly. I do occasionally need to wait for a while, but she clearly states on a card in the front office that she may need to spend more than the allotted time with another patient, and that we can expect extra time and attention when/if we need it. I am willing to schedule that into my calendar since it means working with an exemplary physician.

Audrey U.
Caring and thoughful

Alena B.
I was pleased with Dr. Yung’s office service. Appointment wasn’t a problem, as soon as I booked they called me back and suggested earlier date. There wasn’t any waiting, nurse invited me as I finished the paperwork. Everyone was very nice and polite, nobody in a hurry. Dr Yung carefully checked all that needed, was ready to answer any question. The office itself is quite welcoming.

Mona K.
Dr always explained throughly